Quetina Pittman-Howell

Quetina Pittman-Howell is Chattahoochee Technical College's new dean of nursing.

Chattahoochee Technical College has announced Quetina Pittman-Howell as the dean of nursing for the college’s highly ranked nursing programs. 

Pittman-Howell served previously as the college’s associate dean of nursing, after joining the college as an adjunct faculty member more than eight years ago.

The Chattahoochee Technical College Practical Nursing program was ranked recently as the top nursing program in Georgia for the second year in a row by PracticalNursing.org, and the college’s Registered Nursing program was ranked as one of the state’s top three programs by RegisteredNursing.org.

“I think nursing at Chattahoochee Tech is absolutely incredible,” Pittman-Howell said. “Where can students in the state of Georgia go where both the RN and PN programs are ranked in the top three? The PN program having a ranking of No. 1 and the RN program having a ranking of No. 3 in the state speaks volumes.”

Pittman-Howell said that both the PN and the RN nursing programs have 100-percent board pass rates.

“To me this means that students who graduate from a nursing program at Chattahoochee Tech will have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are needed for nursing practice," she said.

For more information, visit www.ChattahoocheeTech.edu.

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